I grew up in a home where photography was highly valued. Where others would place paintings, my parents hung professional photos of our family. These images were ahead of their time. In the era of posed studio portraits, my parents opted for outdoor adventures. Photos that were candid, almost photojournalistic. They were printed and framed with the highest quality materials, treated as though they were art in a museum. But, my parents didn't just leave it up to the professionals. Everywhere we went a camera came too. They never missed the opportunity to document a special memory. To this day, looking through old photo albums, or rewatching home videos is one of my favourite things to do.

I guess you could say all of this led me to where I am today (thanks, mom and dad!). Being a photographer affords me the grand privilege of transporting people over and over again to the happiest day(s) of their lives, shared with the ones they love most in this world. That is incredibly special and it will never get old. 



I married my best friend in 2016.

Meet, Bryce.
He's my biggest supporter.

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I'm a dog mom.
This is Chester, and he is crazy.

(If you're wondering if you can bring your dog to your photoshoot, the answer is always yes.)

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Making time for me & my hubby is of utmost importance.

My love language is 'Quality Time'.

Breakfast is the best meal of the day and no one can tell me otherwise.

I live for a good croissant.

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If I'm not here, I'm probably in Alberta.

Those mountain views can't be beat.

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Let's face it, most of us aren't models. Having our picture taken professionally can be incredibly intimidating. Believe me, I've been on the other side of the camera too. 


My goal with every photoshoot is to make you feel comfortable, and have you enjoy yourself. I take things slow and will give you all the direction you need. By asking questions and throwing out prompts I will get you to focus your attention entirely on your loved one(s) rather than on my camera. I truly believe that every photoshoot can be a fun experience that leaves you feeling more connected to the people you came with.

"A photograph isn't merely light reacting with chemicals on paper, it's a door that spills you out into a day when your dad was still sleeping in his favourite chair. The moment your child hurled their first cry into the anxious waiting air. They conjure up the lingering smell of baby powder and cherry cough drops that clung to your grandmother and the texture of all the hands and skin you can't touch in this reality anymore. Photographs hold space for that last time you were together and the final words you heard leave their lips. They are the most important thing next to the people in them and they are undeniable evidence that we are loved."